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Why Buy Used Auto Parts from Deercreek Auto Parts?
Deercreek Auto Parts has been in business since the 1950's and offer quality used auto parts that are competitively priced and up to OEM standards.

Is the quality as good as aftermarket parts?
The quality is better than aftermarket parts as these used parts came from the cars made in the factories to the strictest guidelines. Not that aftermarket parts are bad, they are just not as good quality as the original manufacturers parts. We also document all of our parts on our computer system which shows the original VIN from the car that was dismantled.

Where do the parts come forms?
Our used auto parts come from cars that we either bought from insurance auctions, car dealerships or members of the public that wish to sell them vehicles to us. We only purchase quality late model vehicles.

Can you locate parts?
Yes we can locate parts that we don't currently have in stock. As a company, our customers come first and if we can make life a little easier for them, then will return happy. We are able to search our North American parts database a search for just about any part that other salvage yards inventory in their systems.

Do you sell Engines and Transmissions?
Yes we do sell both engines and transmissions. All parts come with a 30 day warranty and are tested to make sure that they work before we inventory them. Alternators, starter motors, compressors are not included but usually we do have them in stock.

Are Used Parts Cheaper than new or aftermarket?
Yes, used parts are cheaper than new parts and sometimes better quality as they were manufactured by the manufacturer that built the original vehicle. The problem with aftermarket parts are that they are usually produced in mass and on a cheaper scale thus making them affordable but not making them as reliable.

What is a Core charge?
A "core" charge is the amount that a yard charges the customer to return the old part back to them so it can be recycled. It's usually not a large amount of money. If you buy an item on our e-commerce site or from eBay store, there will be no core charge.

How do I pay for my parts?
You can either pay with cash if you come into our store or by Visa, MasterCard, Discovery card. The majority of our online customers pay by PayPal which even if you don't buy online, you can visit our website and click on the PayNow button.

Do you deliver?
Yes we do deliver. We deliver to local businesses using our own delivery trucks for a small fee. We can deliver out of our area using UPS and freight Carriers to either residential or business addresses.

When would I expect my delivery to turn up?
Unless you specify next day delivery, we usually expect between a 1-7 day turnaround depending where you are in the country. We do provide tracking numbers so you can see when your package should arrive.
Large item orders need to be ordered before 1pm EST to be able to be picked up for delivery and smaller packages usually before 3pm EST.

How much does shipping cost?
EBay shows the cost of shipping if you apply your zip code. Larger items, like engines, need to be scheduled and if you either call or email us, we can give you an exact amount. There are several options to choose from: Shipping to a business with a loading bay or forklift, a business with out a loading bay or forklift, a residential address where there is a way to unload an item like a crate of wheels. A crate of wheels can be broken down and unloaded, unlike an engine where the driver will need a lift gate truck to unload the item off of the truck, easily.
If a pre-arranged delivery truck arrives, not equipped with a lift gate and finds no way of unloading, we will charge you the extra to re-deliver the item.

Do you Ship fragile parts?
We can ship anything, but body panels and glass, you are liable for. If you do not pay insurance on the part, we are not liable. Airbags can not be shipping via Air Freight due to Federal laws.

Do you ship outside the United States of America?
No we don't unfortunately. We only within the United States of America, mainland. If you live outside the US of A we can ship to a destination with the US and then you ship from there yourself.

Do you have a warranty?
We do have a 30 day warranty from the date you receive the part. The part must be in the same condition as when it left Deercreek Auto Parts Depot. The warranty covers defective parts. If you order the wrong part and want to return, then we charge a 25% re-stocking fee. We do not cover shipping unless the part is defective.

Do you replace parts?
If the part is defective, we will either replace the part or give you a full refund. If the part was sold "AS IS" then we can not refund your money.
Let your salesperson know immediately that you have a problem.

What are repairable vehicles?
Repairables are vehicles that usually have salvage titles and need to be fixed. Once fixed you can then arrange an appointment with your local Highway Patrol office to have it signed off as a rebuilt salvage vehicle.
For more information, please call or email to get more details.

What is left and what is right side?
The left side is the drivers side and the right side the passenger side. The way to do this is stand at the back of the vehicle and face forward, then you'll never be wrong!


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